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soggiorno allineare a dove il vostro cuore si trova [entries|friends|calendar]
last nights makeup

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(cry me a river)

only dania will get this... [15 May 2009|08:15pm]
so.. moving to columbus in 2 weeks.. started talking to this kid... just for fun ran his name while i was at work.....

and i cant post a screen shot.. so here


fuck. my. life.

notice the victim

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promotionnnnn [05 Jan 2009|08:44pm]
as some of you know ive been working for the department of finance for about a year now.
well, today i got a job change and im now working for the united states department of education. i get to still do work for the dof when i need to help train. in feb im going to reno for the weekend to see nick and to oversee that office applying the new training modules. i also get to go to buffalo in early march so dania be ready!!!

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meet baby capone [03 Dec 2008|06:28am]

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:) [22 Nov 2008|09:01pm]
life is good.

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update [07 Sep 2008|02:07pm]
my life is amazing as of late.

as awful as it is, but it makes me smile that yours is going so poorly.

but alas, its just after 2 and we are going to the waterpark/mall of america.


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sometimes [20 Jul 2008|01:54pm]
i wish my life was so boring and meaningless that i had to spend my saturday nights making prank phone calls..like you guys.

instead of doing things like that.. why not.. i dont know? go back and finish highschool? maybe go to college? maybe get a real job? move out from your parents house? not steal your dads credit card as means to live?

this is the last ill ever mention it. im not going to waste my time going back at people i never mention ever. when theyre brought up in conversation by someone who doesnt know the situation, my response is always" i havent talked to them in a while" unlike you guys, who feel the need to bring my name up as much as possible. its fine though. if thats how you guys want to spend your summer go right ahead. but youll never get another reaction out of me.
i wish you nothing but the best and i pray that one day you will all grow up at least a little, and actually do something with your lives.


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update on lifffffeeee [08 Jul 2008|12:18pm]
and unlike the 2 people on my list that update this every day whining about stupid girls.. this is a good one :)

a couple days ago me, nick gabe and becca went to the indoor waterpark of america. it was fantastic. i dont think ive had that much fun in a while.

on the fourth me, nick gabe,danny and alex went to the taste of mn, and then the fireworks. super fun, except the fireworks werent nearly as amazing as back home.

which.. kenny got to see this year, and im stoked that at least someone got to :)

things are going pretty well right now. im making an insane amount of money, my car is paid off, so many people visiting this summer, my bday is coming up, VALLEY FAIR FOR MY BDAY, blah blah.

summer of hate was one of the best shows ive been to ever. wisdom in chains made me remember why i liked hardcore in the first place.

arthur and sophia spend 19 hours a day running around doing flips over eachother. i wish i was exaggerating. i 100% am not. its insane.

molly is moving to mn. she doesnt know it yet, but we have decided that she cant move back to iowa because its gross and filled with hillbillies.

with that, im going to nicks to see my lucia.

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summmmerrr summer of hate! [27 Jun 2008|03:54pm]

leaving in an hour
just made pepperoni bread
getting to see joe in 12 hours!!!
"rotten to the core"


joe and gabe both being there
no van... we are taking 2 cars
nick most likely being way too preoccupied with his silly gang to hang out with his best friend
the rumor that kurt might be there.
( oh my god that would be AMAZING)
dania not going :(
missing kennys birthday

whatever. its going to be amazing.

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attn dania [28 May 2008|03:08pm]
why arent we this cool

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it makes me laugh/feel sad for you [02 May 2008|07:52pm]
that after all this time.. you STILL talk about me. leaving silly comments and what not to people im not friends with "talking shit". i feel silly myself even writing about this, but it makes me smile to realize that you have nothing else going for you, and that youre still an incredibly immature little girl with way too much time on her hands.

with that said, the ny trip was fantastic. work is going verrrrrry well. things are just all around wicked awesome right now, and i couldnt be happier.

also...no end in sight is thinking of making a " sluts love neis" shirt...with a collage of scene skank nudes on it. i....100000% back this amazing idea.

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update? update. [12 Apr 2008|08:25pm]
so, seriously. Update. I work CONSTANTLY. I have the opportunity to move to rome in the fall, but I have some decisions to make on that.
Things are going really well. I'm super happy with the boy, blah blah.
Me, nick, steven and maybe danny are driving out to pa in 2 weeks. I'm dropping them off in erie, and then going to ithaca<3
Super stoked on life right now. I have a new number, leave it here or in my myspace if I don't have it.

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LOL @ XAFBX [26 Jan 2008|05:18pm]

but in all seriousness, i miss you nick reno!!!

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all on you. and me [18 Jan 2008|11:12am]
"Just because you said what you wanted
doesn't make it right.
Just because the moment was heated
doesn't mean that I wanted to fight.
And even though I saw your anger
even though I saw your face
the words that you cited were chosen
Not fate. Not spoken in haste."

What a difference a day makes.
I guess nothing really does last forever.

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I was in my first accident ever last night [15 Jan 2008|01:14pm]
Not bad for being 25. Not bad for 8 years of driving.

I was like 40 miles outside of buffalo. Bad roads. A tractor trailer couldn't slow down and smashed into my car. I blame joe.

I'm fine. Gabe, marcel, and Hazen drove 6 hours from vermont to come get me, so I wouldn't have to drive because im too shook up. sweet life.

I don't know how driving back to mn is gonna work out. Lame

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the sun has sunk..disappeared into new jersey..oh why don't they have phones on these things.. [10 Jan 2008|04:58pm]
Update from the train. Thank god for my sidekick.
I spent 2 days ago in nj visiting my family for a late christmas. I got arianna a lot of dora the explorer stuff that she loved. Went out to dinner with madre and had a good long talk. Its weird, we haven't talked like that since I was substantially younger. It was nice. Got some pretty decent gifts.
Anyway, I left yesterday by train from philly to chicago. Normal seat and all. Made a great new friend named justin. I happened to be wearing a saves the day shirt Kenny bought me, and he was wearing the same one. Weird. So we spent like 10 hours just talking about life and all until he got off in west virginia. He had some great views on things, especially for being so young (17).
2 rednecks got on in Wva. Old. A couple. No teeth. Drunk. Racist. Loud. Smelly. All perfect adjectives. Anyway..they were 2 rows behind me. They would say something awful to everyone who walked by. Eventually tripped a little black girl on her way to the bathroom. A fight between her father and them ensued. They were escorted off. Point of that story is that Amtrak upgraded everyone in the back of that car (there was like 5 of us, and a family) to a sleeper car for the next train. Awesome My aim barely worked so I sustained a decent level of happiness texting kenny talking about our upcoming hanging (more on that later).
Got to chicago at 11 am. Went to the lounge for guests with sleeper car reservations. Super fancy. Anyway. Now I'm in my room on the train,the bed is insane comfortable. Stoked to be in mn tonight.

Ill be in mn for a week. Then because gabes momma pays my insurance and its registered in vt, it has to be inspected in vt.. Sooo I'm driving back across the country alone. Bummer, BUT I'm spending the night in detroit with Kenny, having a super chill hangout. Stopping to see Dania hopefully, Stopping at joes school, ect. Super excited for the trip, but nervous.
Theeen the 25th we have a mini family vacation to st george. Its a giant indoor waterpark I guess. So stoked.

There's a whole lot I want to say about a certain situation, but its not my buisness. I love both parties to death, and they have both done/said some silly things about eachother. I just want to say that attacking someones moral character is silly and it shouldn't happen, especially when its the only thing that you have to solidify a friendship.(becoming friends..or being friends again with someone because you both dislike someone). Also, the outside boy party really has no ground to stand on, because my understanding is he was dick deep in a different girl a week ago. Why are things ok for one but not the other? I personally love sex. I've had it many times with a few people. I'm very very honest about it. Doesn't make me a slut. I still have morals. I still have values. I'm still a great person.
That's all. Like I said I love you both. If you guys can't get along, then don't. Don't talk to eachother, but don't make bulletins and posts about eachother.

Ugh. Someone come shopping with me asap.

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I've been MIA lately. [15 Dec 2007|09:31pm]
I'm sorrry.

First off

Thank you Dania!!
Seriously, the sweetest girl ever.

Gabe and I are in vermont for the holidays.
I'm already over it.
Family vacation in jan. Then back to mn.

That's really all for now. Text me if you have the number.

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ahem... hahahahahahahahha wait I mean HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA [04 Dec 2007|03:22pm]
I guess once a dumb whore, always a dumb whore.

History repeats. Over and over.

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keep your mouth shut and worry about yourself [11 Nov 2007|03:09am]

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molly miscarriage! hahahaa [30 Oct 2007|08:04pm]
if we were to REALLY play the "who can hurt who more with personal insults" game... I'd win.

Its funny. Everyone has bad things happen to them. I know some of my vegas ...friends.. can relate because if I'm not mistaken, I've helped them through it. From rides to doctors offices to listening about countless boy drama. Its whatever tho. No matter what I wouldn't and won't bring up personal shit. I guess I'm too classy.

*edit. hahahaha woops. :)

(cry me a river)

:) [29 Oct 2007|03:35am]
4 weeks and 4 days till minneapolis.


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